Shadow Boxes

A shadow box is like a deep picture frame or a box with a glass front designed to be hung on the wall. The items inside are often mounted to the back of the box so that they don’t simply sit on the inside. Shadow boxes are the perfect way of displaying a collection of items that are too large to put in a frame. They provide all of the protection frames do while also creating a unique way of showcasing some of your favorite keepsakes or heirlooms.

Here at The Right Angle, our experts can create the perfect shadow box for your items. Whether you want to display vacation souvenirs, family heirlooms, or special keepsakes from your childhood, we’ll create a custom shadow box just for you.

What Can You Display in Shadow Boxes?

You can really display anything you want in a shadow box. Size and weight can be a limiting factor, of course, but we can custom build shadow boxes to any size. Your shadow box can hold one item, or you could include a number of different items in order to create more of a story.

Some of the most common items you’ll see in shadow boxes are awards. When military members retire, they often have their medals, uniform ribbons, and other memorable items put in a shadow box so they can proudly display them. When a service member passes away, family members may want a triangular shadow box to hold the American flag used at the funeral. Those who compete in sports or in other types of competitions might want to have ribbons, medals, and other small awards arranged and displayed in a shadow box, too.

Shadow boxes can hold much more than awards, of course. You can have childhood treasures such as small toys, dolls, and artwork arranged in a shadow box. You could do this with some of your old items or create a shadow box for each of your children. Anything you want to preserve can go in one of these customizable displays. Some people even create unique artwork and other décor using shadow boxes.

Shadow Box Options

We can customize your shadow box in many different ways. The size and depth can, of course, be customized to fit your items. You can determine the color of the wood used and of the background, plus we can make the front of the shadow box as ornate or as simple as you like. While many shadow boxes are hinged on the front so you can open them, we can seal them shut or put the hinges on the top. It’s completely up to you!

Want to know more about how we can create the perfect shadow box for your treasures? Give us a call today to talk to one of our shadow box experts.

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