Giving the gift of a photograph is one that many people love. It is ideal for grandparents, aunts, uncles,
teachers, and more. However, it is not just the beautiful picture of your family that constitutes this
special gift. Your gift is made even more special if you take the time to pick out the perfect frame to hold
the picture in. There are many types and styles of frames to pick from, plus, there are also borders that
can help the picture stand out further. If you plan on giving this type of special gift this year, then make
sure you spend just as much time picking out the frame as you do picking out the picture you choose to

The Importance of Having the Perfect Picture Frame

The picture frame is much like the stage for a Broadway show. It sets the stage for what’s to come. The
frame is meant to showcase the image. It can be a traditional material, such as wood, if the recipient
likes the more traditional look of pictures. You can also opt for another type of material that gives the
picture a more unique look, such as copper. This is a more modern option that is great when paired with
a more contemporary recipient.

The color of the frame should also reflect the room the frame will be going into, too. For casual pictures,
most use light-colored frames. When the picture is meant to be more formal or go into a more formal
room, then the darker shades should be reflected in the frame of choice. The color and pattern of the
frame make almost as much of a statement as the picture itself.

The Border Helps the Images Pop

Within the frame, you have several border options. You can opt for no border, which is totally fine.
However, if you want the picture to really stand out, a border is the perfect route to take. Adding a mat
border of an accent color brings out the depth of the colors in the photograph. It allows the smaller
details of the image to pop. Using two or three layers of border can give a shadowbox appearance to the
image, making it instantly into a keepsake anyone would love.

The recipient of the photograph needs to be the main concern when picking out a new frame. If you
plan on this image being the first in a series, then pick out a frame that will be easy to match with next
year’s photograph of the family. That way, you can begin a tradition of giving a gift of images each year
for the holidays. Think about the room, the person receiving the photograph, and the occasion when
picking out a frame. If you want help picking out the ideal frame to encase your family photograph, then
contact us here at The Right Angle. We can help you pick out a frame that is the right shape, material,
and has the perfect border to show it off. Call us today!