Matting & Mounting

corner portion of a custom frame by The Right Angle

If you have a small object you want to frame or have something that’s a non-standard size, one of the easiest ways of displaying it is to mount or mat it to a larger backing piece. Mounting a small object and framing it in a larger size can help draw attention to the piece or give it the blank space it needs to really stand out. It’s also often much more affordable to mount oddly sized items and frame them in a standard frame size than it is to have a custom frame made. No matter what the reason, The Right Angle staff is here to provide you with expert matting and mounting services.

photo of two grand children in our custom photo matting and frame
Professional needlework design in Amarillo also framed with a custom matting by The Right Angle
painting of an elk standing proudly in a custom mat frame by the right angle

Why Mount or Mat an Item?

In addition to matting objects that are of a non-standard size to fit a standard frame, there are a number of other reasons why you might want to mount or mat an object. If you have something fairly fragile, especially if it has rips or tears in it, matting it or mounting it on a board can help keep the pieces together and provide additional protection against damage.

Mounting a piece also tends to make viewers see it in a more valuable light. Having something mounted and framed shows that you give it value. You want it treated like a valuable piece of art or as an important historical item. Matting an item on a contrasting color can also serve to make its color pop or make it stand out more.

Our Mounting and Matting Process

We use professional mounting and matting processes for all of the work we do. Our team uses a Wizard 9000 CNC mat cutter that precisely creates cuts in a variety of different materials. It can make any number of openings in the matting, allowing us to mat and frame multiple items, items with unusual shapes, or items of various sizes.

We use only archival-quality materials and standards when matting and mounting items. This means that all materials are acid-free and are designed to protect the items without doing any damage to them. Our methods are consistent with those used in museums around the world to protect fragile documents and other items.

We can also duplicate or recreate any mat or other design element you’d like. Whether you need an item matted on a new material to replace a damaged mat or want several new pieces done with matching mats, it’s not a problem for our team. Call or Email us  today to discuss your unique needs.

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