The holiday season is quickly approaching. People will be coming into town and visiting your home, so of course, you want it looking your best. One little thing that you may not notice, but your guests are sure to notice, is if your picture frames are straight. It shows a sense of organization and an attention to detail. If you want to ensure your picture frames are straight, here are a few tips

Start with the Right Picture Frame Hardware

Trying to hang picture frames using the wrong hardware is going to lead to frustration. Small picture frames can easily go up with a single hook. However, they may tip over time. Using two hooks prevents this, but two hooks will not always fit. Larger picture frames should have two hooks or a wire that holds the picture frame up securely. Giant-size picture frames should always have a wire to help displace the weight evenly. The ends of the hanger wires should be screwed into the picture frame for stability. 

Preplan Where You Want Your Pictures

By using something as simple as painter’s tape, which comes off of walls with ease and leaves no damage behind, you can plan out how to fill your wall with gorgeous holiday picture frames and keep them all balanced and organized. Put your focal picture against the wall and mark the outline with painter’s tape. From there, you can set up nearby pictures with more painter’s tape until the wall is as full as you want it to be. This is a great way to create a focal wall for when your friends and family come for a holiday visit. 

Levels Are Great Ways of Keeping Picture Frames Straight

If you are only hanging one or two-holiday picture frames up, then using a level is a much easier solution than painter’s tape. You can get a level app on your phone if you do not have a standard level, or you can pick one up the next time you visit a big box store or hardware store. They are only a few dollars but have lots of uses. Put the first nail or hook up to hold the picture, then use the level to figure out where the second should go. Once the picture frame is hung on the two anchors, it should remain level moving forward since it was leveled out before it was ever affixed to the wall. 

Remember to Center the Hooks You Use

Whatever picture frame hanging hardware you plan to use should always be centered for the area they are holding. If you use two hooks or nails to hold a wire, make sure that the hooks or nails are as centered as much as possible on the side that it is holding up. That way, it is less likely to slip around and caused crooked holiday picture frames. 

Looking for additional tips on how to keep your holiday picture frames looking your best? Then give us a call. Pictures are our passion, and we love to share it!