Design Consultation

Having difficulty determining the right style of frame for your home or business? We’re here to help! The staff here at The Right Angel has over 50 years of experience in interior design, and we can help you determine the perfect frame for each piece of art. We will work with your existing color scheme, style, and preferences to create frames that not only complement the item they hold but also work well with the room.

What We Can Do

Do you have other frames you want to match, or maybe you want your frames to pick up a subtle detail or color from the rest of your décor? Not a problem! Our expert finisher can actually match any of these colors, design elements, finishes, and fabrics you may have. Simply bring in a sample of what you’re trying to match, and we’ll recreate it.

Create Cohesion

When a room has cohesion, it feels much more peaceful. It also looks amazingly elegant and tells visitors that you have put a lot of thought and attention into your home or your office space. To make a room feel cohesive, the décor needs to work together. Your carpet, wall color, furniture color, and major decorative pieces should all tie together through style, color, shape, or texture. If you have one frame that doesn’t fit with the others, it’s going to throw off this cohesion, even if the frame’s colors or style is very similar to the others.

If you do have several pieces that you want to hang together and the frames don’t work well, you may decide to buy all new frames. This can get pricey, of course, plus you have to make sure that these new frames work with the rest of the room. Why go through all of that? Simply bring in one of the original frames and we’ll match it. You don’t have to change anything about the room or pick out new frames for the other pieces.

Don’t Know What You Want?

If you don’t have frames for any of the pieces you want to hang and aren’t sure what would look right, come talk to one of our expert consultants. Bring photos of the room, color samples, and anything else you want us to match. We’ll show you some of our existing frames that might work or come up with something completely unique just for you!

When it comes to creating cohesion and elegance, The Right Angle team is here for you. Come in and talk to us today about your framing needs.

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